After Facebook and Google, Twitter Bans Cryptocurrency Ads

On Jan 30, Social network giant Facebook announced ban on advertisements for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The company considers such ads to be associated with misleading and deceptive promotional practices. Under Facebook’s new policy, no ads from digital currency exchanges or for promotion of initial coin offerings will be allowed on its platform.

Google, the largest provider of digital advertising on the internet announced the ban on cryptocurrency advertisements and related products from June 2018. Under the new policy, Google will ban advertisements for unregulated financial products such as cryptocurrency, binary options, and financial betting among others. The restricted list includes but not limited to initial coin offerings (ICO), cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, and cryptocurrency trading advice. These constraints will be applicable to both Google’s proprietary as well as affiliated ads platform.

Twitter too, joined the movement against cryptocurrency ads and decided to ban ads related to initial coin offerings (ICOs), token sales, cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet services. Under their new policy, the company plans to prohibit advertisement for token sales globally.

Amidst the recent price surge in bitcoins, the number of online crypto ads exploded last year. Most of these ads were deceptive and misleading in nature leading to financial embezzlement and rising cases of deceit and fraud. Fundraising through ICOs drew scepticism from regulators with many start-ups selling their own virtual currencies to fund projects. Online advertising through search engines, social media, and content publishing was the most popular way to market ICOs to new customers.

The united and collaborative effort by these social media giants are keeping the bad guys away by disallowing promotion of deceptive and misleading cryptocurrency ads on their platforms. They are also trying to safeguard the interest of customers by conforming to changing cryptocurrency regulations. Ban on cryptocurrency ads have slumped down on bitcoin prices and weighed heavily on cryptocurrency market capitalization. Bitcoin prices have dropped below $7,000, down by over 50% from its all time high of almost $20,000 in Dec 2017. It continues to follow the declining trend amongst different technologic and economic predictions.

India’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges to buy bitcoin, ether, ripple, and altcoins

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the businesses that allow buy or sell of digital currencies for other assets such as fiat currency. Most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in India deals with bitcoin, ether, ripple, and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin exchanges have become most common in India due to increasing bitcoin awareness, favourable government initiatives to regulate virtual currencies and springing bitcoin based businesses over the recent times.

How does cryptocurrency exchange works

Cryptocurrency exchanges enable trading by creating a spread of buy and sell orders, where spread refers to the difference between these two orders. The cryptocurrency exchanges keep the buying price slightly higher than its selling price. The exchanges make profit by compensating in the buy and sell orders. Some of the exchanges also charge extra withdrawal fees which seems small, however profits made are significant due to huge customer base.

How to buy /sell bitcoins in India

Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralized peer to peer ledger currency. It is the most widely accepted payment system and a digital asset worldwide. Bitcoin allows a successful transaction between two parties without any intermediary such as bank, credit card company or other financial institution. Bitcoin enables most secure, fast, and cost-effective borderless money transfer.


Zebpay is India’s first bitcoin exchange as well as app-enabled bitcoin wallet company founded in 2015 by Mahin Gupta, Saurabh Agrawal, and Sandeep Goenka. This mobile bitcoin wallet provider enable users to buy, sell, store, and spend bitcoins using their mobile number and a 4-digit PIN. Zebpay crossed a turnover of over 100 crores within first 10 months of its inception, which has exceeded 500 crores very recently. The company has a user base of over 700,000 and continues to grow, adding over 100,000 customers each month. Zebpay was voted as the number 1 bitcoin company by CoinAgenda. This Ahmedabad based company has pioneered in building the safest and simplest bitcoin exchange platform for its users.


Unocoin is India’s most popular bitcoin exchange and wallet launched in 2013. It was started by Sathvik Vishwanath, Sunny Ray, Harish B V and Abhinand Kaseti with a mission to take bitcoins to billions. In 2016, the firm raised over $1.5 million as Pre-Series A funding, making it the highest capital raised by an Indian digital currency venture. It has recently partnered with BTCJam to bring advantages of bitcoin loans to India. The company has also partnered with to convert mechanical turk into Indian rupees. This Bangalore based firm has launched a mobile app and partnered with over 25 Indian merchants to accept bitcoins for their goods and services. Unocoin has also entered into partnership with Shapeshift to enable users to convert their blockchain assets into bitcoin.


Coinsecure is the India’s fastest real-time bitcoin exchange. Founded by Mohit Kalra and Benson Samuel in 2014, the company offers most secure wallet, real time trading app, merchant payment gateway and other blockchain based services. It also provides a mock trading platform to its users by offering an algorithmic trading bitcoin exchange. They have partnered with Netki to enable users to create their own simple wallet addresses rather than using 32-character bitcoin public address. It has also collaborated with BitPay to enable Indian merchants accept bitcoins from customers. Some of the retail merchants, ecommerce businesses, payment service providers and billing services have integrated BitPay’s bitcoin payments API. Coinsecure has raised more than $1.2 million as Series A funding for its business expansion.


Founded by Hesham Rehman & Mohammed Rezwan, Bitxoxo allows buying, selling, and gifting of bitcoins through its exchange platform. It is also world’s first company to launch bitcoin pre-paid gift card. The company offers most secure, fast, and real-time trading platform and bitcoin services without any fees. It aims to educate people about bitcoin by conducting workshops and seminars on bitcoins. Bitxoxo was also the first company which used to pays its employees in bitcoins.

How to Buy/Sell Ether in India


ETHEXIndia is the India’s first ether exchange started in 2016. It provides the best ether exchange and consulting services in India. The company plans to expand its ethereum based blockchain services by mentoring and building resources for these ecosystems. ETHEXIndia wants to deliver solutions to Indian banking industry. It aims to become a major contributor towards India’s digital transformation.

How to Buy/ Sell Ripple in India


BTCXIndia is India’s leading crypto token exchange. This platform offers real time trading of crypt tokens such as Ripple with Indian rupees. Siva Kameshwara Rao is the founder of  S Capital Solutions Pvt.Ltd., the company behind ETHEXIndia and BTCXIndia, trusted brands in Indian cryptocurrency market. BTCXIndia has entered into partnership with Ripple Labs to start buying and selling of ripple (XRP) in India. Ripple has also partnered with Indian banks such as Axis Bank, YES BANK, and State Bank of India (SBI Remit).

How to Buy/ Sell Altcoins in India


BuyUcoin is the India’s first crypto currency and altcoin exchange and wallet. Owned by Mr Shivam Thakral, it is India’s first multi-cryptocurrency exchange. BuyUcoin allows buying, selling, storing, and trading of several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash directly with Indian rupees. The company is relatively new with over 15,000 customers. It offers the best cryptocurrency rates with unmatched security to the users digital assets.