• 08 Jul, 2018
  • by CryptoMudra
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#bitconpricetriangle, #pricetrianglebreakout

Massive transition is on its way as bitcoin price breaks out its current price triangle to establish a new trend. With the cryptocurrency market recovering after the black Tuesday (July, 11) where bitcoin and altcoin price dipped by over 20% on the same day, the predictions from traders and investors are promising. Bitcoin has been maintaining itself above the resistance level for quite some time now and trading at the average price of $2600 since mid-July.

Short term investors are eyeing on quick gains from the market recovery with most of them focusing on altcoins such as Ethereum and Litecoin due to their affordability and relatively less volatility.  With final segwit consensus timeline on August 1, a lot of mixed predictions are coming from cryptocurrency experts.

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