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When Relex partnered with Aura Inhale to create the first (and only) designer inhalable supplement and pharmaceutical creation platform, it knew that it would completely change the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

From this partnership, a new branch of Relex was born: Relex Life.

Relex Life uses the RLXI ERC-20 token to fund and develop new supplements and medicines in vape form.

This is made possible by the 20-year patent held by Aura Inhale, a patent drawn up from the work of Dr. Stephen Boyd, an American Nuclear Chemist who specializes in molten thorium reactors, among other fields.

The patented technology allows Aura Inhale to make almost anything in your medicine into an inhalable vape. Rather than sell this technology to a big pharmaceutical company Aura Inhale decided to preserve its patent and enter into a partnership with Relex Life. The goal of this partnership is to return the power to the people.

The Relex Life fully-functional platform allows users to suggest ‘orbs’ (or potential ideas that could be developed into new inhalable units). Some of the orbs on the website now waiting for funding are inhalable Dramamine (for motion sickness) and Kratom (to possibly help with opioid addiction). All of the orbs are created by the public.

If none of the orbs fit what you’re looking for, you can always create your own orb and list it for funding.

Community members can then decide whether they want to become a part of the business associated with that orb.

By funding with RLXI, community members become stakeholders in a new company dedicated to that orb.

The first fully-funded orb was the ‘Quit Smoking’ orb.

Funded by members of the community, this orb now goes to Aura Inhale for feasibility studies. If the product is found to be feasible as most are, then it will move to production.

While the product is being made, the funders of the orb are brought together into an instant-corporation. Each member receives a certain percentage of the shares of that company, and the corporation also receives stock of the product.

By strategically partnering with individuals on certain orbs, you can create a dynamic team that will be a able to sell a product worldwide. And the revenue goes back to the original funders in proportion to their original contribution of RLXI.

In addition, the original IP creator of the orb receives a $1 royalty per unit sold for between 5 to 7 years, depending on the compound.

Aura Inhale is so confident in its partnership with Relex Life, that it now accepts the RLXI token for payment on its website. Additionally, it announced a 10 percent buyback program of all RLXI used to fund orbs.

The Relex Life working paper was published this past September.  The RLXI token was distributed via airdrop; there was no ICO.

The Relex company also burned its 50 percent share from the RLXI airdrop.

For more information, see the Relex Life explainer video below:

And to join the conversation, visit the Relex Life community:

Relex Life Telegram: https://t.me/RelexLife

Relex Life website: life.relex.io

Relex Life Twitter: https://twitter.com/life_relex

Relex Life Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/relexlifeRLXI/

Relex Life SubReddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RelexLife/


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