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Nebula Exchange provides an excellent cryptocurrency trading platform for newcomers as well as professionals. It combines the state-of-art in cryptocurrency trading with news analysis, exhaustive research and social networking. The exchange allows the users to take an informed decision to buy or sell a certain coin based on wisdom shared by others on chat groups and several linked platforms. The real time insights offered by other users minimizes risk and maximizes profits for everyone on the trading engine. The 5-star review system rates the opinions posted by users which often serve as the most valuable advice to frequent traders. The registered users are also rated based on their overall reputation level decided by the predefined criteria. This community focused approach helps nebula exchange to create the most respected and trustworthy members on the platform. The Reputation Points (RP) can be earned by the members to level up their account status by logging in daily, referring new users, and getting likes on your reviews.

Reputation Leveling

  • Levels 1 – 10 are every 50 points from 0-500 RP
  • Levels 10 – 20 are every 100 points from 500-1500 RP
  • Levels 20 – 30 are every 250 points for 1500 RP – 4,000 RP
  • Levels 30 – 40 are every 500 points for 4,000 RP – 9,000 RP
  • Levels 40-50 are elite tier and earn unique emoji rewards for every level up.

1000 points each except 49-50 which is 2000 points for a maximum of 20,000 RP

Nebula Exchange offers platform for buying and selling of more than 60 cryptocurrencies. Most of the coins listed on nebula exchange has potential to shape the future of cryptocurrency. Nebula exchange is one of the most reliable exchange owing to its transparent operational structure. It is a fully Know Your Customer (KYC) compliant exchange registered at Singapore in the name of ChainTrade. ChainTrade is a blockchain based enterprise that deals in trading of commodities such as food and raw materials.

Nebula exchange is one of the safest and most user-friendly exchange of those launched in the recent past. It is equipped with several safety features such as Google Authenticator for 2FA code logins and withdrawals and 24/7 Nebula Exchange support to prevent your account from being compromised. It has adopted a robust multi-signature system to protect user funds and operate a cold storage wallet to store the funds of traders in offline mode. Nebula will be one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges to allow trading of security tokens on its platform. It enables trading in different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USDT, EURT and Fiat pairings. The platform also permits margin trading with up to 10x leverage on selected cryptocurrency pairs.

Process to list your own coin on nebula

Nebula exchange is the only cryptocurrency exchange that focus on community-based aspect where people can grow wise by sharing crypto-knowledge. Listing a new coin on this innovative platform is fairly simple. The proposer of the new coin has to fill a form which asks for the information of the proposer and the coin to be listed. The details of the coin such as if the token is ERC20 or ERC223, whether it is security or utility token, does it have a whitepaper, etc. Once the details are provided, the nebula team send an email with tentative cost which are then finalized after mutual agreement.

Coins listed on Nebula Exchange

Nebula Exchange lists more than 60 coins on its trading platform. Some of the prominent coins include Relex, Power ledger, Storj, QChain, Gnosis, Loopring, PolyMath, EventChain, Deep Gold, Caviar, Eos.io, ESL Coin, Upfiring, Hurify, Hashgains, Lamden, Modum, among many others. The users on nebula exchange platform can avail 50% discount on transaction fees in NESC. The new listings will be charged in NESC tokens. Nebula Exchange will use 25% of its profits to buy-back NESC tokens and burn them till they reach reached 50mn NESC tokens in distribution.

NESC token sale information

Token Name – Nebula Exchange Star Credits

Token Ticker -NESC

Token Type – ERC20

Token Price – USD 0.40

Contact – support@nebula.exchange

Whitepaper – Nebula Exchange

Bitcoin talk – Nebula Exchange ANN

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