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Relex Development is pleased to announce that you can now participate in Woodfine Capital Projects. This is a legally compliant solution innovated by the Relex team and Woodfine Management Corp.

The Woodfine Capital Project structure enables funding opportunities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It is not a typical passive real estate opportunity.

Unlike other traditional vehicles in real estate development, which offer yield and sometimes small capital appreciation, the Woodfine model gives investors a direct stake in the developer’s profit?—?a true proxy developer model.

This innovative model creates perpetual equity, which gives you a stake in the profits for the entire life of the building. Even when the fund is finished, investors can opt to continue with their original participation for as long as they like, presenting a true generational investment opportunity.

Woodfine is the only fund in the world that allows freely tradable units by way of its unique status as a reporting issuer. These units can be bought and sold at any time without the consent of anyone. We believe you should decide what is done with your money: there is no lockup period on investors’ funds, and you can decide to enter or exit as you wish.

Other developers with $400 billion+ USD in assets under management are not reporting issuers, and thus do not operate with the flexibility that allows you to control your money.

Peter Woodfine and his son Mathew have broken new ground in the private equity and institutional investor ecosystem by offering a financial vehicle that has never existed before.

Traditionally, the fund manager gets paid no matter how the fund performs?—?leading to potential abuse of investors’ hard-earned money. Woodfine only gets paid when it actually succeeds in delivering returns to its investors. This creates a unique alignment between developer and investor interests like never before. This “perpetual equity” developer model completely changes the paradigm of the traditional fund model. And institutional capital is taking notice.

The Woodfine fund holds the unique status of a public reporting issuer, fully registered with Canadian securities regulators. Everything is completely transparent.

Woodfine units and common shares are now open to everyone. Thanks to an innovative solution strategically designed for the Relex community, all you need is to hold RLX.

Simply take the following steps:

Then, sign up for a full consultation. The refundable consultation fee is 1,000 RLX.

Individuals who were pre-approved for the Relex platform will begin to see their status change starting today. This announcement is not to be confused with the crowdfunding portal scheduled to be approved by FINRA, which will launch in the near future.

To join the conversation, visit the Relex community:

Relex Real Estate Development Telegram: https://t.me/relex_core

Relex Real Estate Development website: relex.io

Relex Real Estate Development Twitter: https://twitter.com/relextalk

Relex Real Estate Development Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/relextalk

Relex Real Estate Development SubReddit:https://www.reddit.com/r/RelexRLX/

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